Whose Vision is it Anyway?

Many individuals want to know how to manifest vision. There are several practical steps; however, I find the most important step to manifesting vision is to determine whose vision is it…REALLY…is it your vision, your parents’ vision, your spouse’s vision or is it God’s vision? Determining whose vision it is helps a person put dynamics relative to manifesting the vision in perspective. It also helps determine the necessary mindset and attitude needed to successful complete the task.

For example, if you determine that it is God’s vision, you will be more motivated to set priorities and to make sure that needed tasks are accomplished because your expected focus is on God. Now let me clearly state that the expectation mentioned is not my expectation of you but our Father God’s expectation of you. If you determined that it is Momma Jo’s vision you will drag your feet, regret the subject matter and become resentful because you really didn’t want to do it anyway.