What To Do When Ideas Flow Like a Faucet?

Leaking Faucet from God by NFPDo you have ideas that are deposited in your mind that seem to flow like a faucet? Listen to this video before you read this post. http://youtu.be/745RJjy9aMg

I want to be transparent. I want to share with you something about my DESIGN…how God made me. Let me be clear. It is a part of me that I don’t try to suppress (oops the counselor coming out) but I do manage it.

For over 20 years, I have been the type of person who have ideas deposited in my mind so frequently and consistently that it pretty much resembles the rhythmic sound of this leaky faucet. Did you listen to it? If you listen long enough, the sound can be quite chaotic and distracting.

This chaotic effect happens in our minds when we have a constant flow of ideas and we are unable to manage the deposits or the flow. Unlike this leaky faucet in which can be fixed, the way God designed us, it is not that easy…to fix it. I don’t know about you but I like this part of who I am so I don’t want to FIX IT. Can you relate to what I am sharing? To so call “fix it” we have to learn how to manage the ideas, not stop them.

On this call I am going to give you strategies and a TOOL to help you manage the constant flow of ideas in a way that will not leave you feeling like you’ve left something on the table. If you can relate to what I am sharing and you’re ready to make a decision to manage the FLOW, you’ll I would invite you to register for the How to Guard Your Time Like a Pit Bull tele-class. http://bit.ly/1rp2Awd

Enjoy your day!

Nanette Floyd Patterson, MA, LPC  aka “The Vision Manifestation Queen”