Book: The Road to Vision Manifestation: Road Tips For Vehicles and Vessels of God


The goal for writing this book is to persuade followers of Christ to carry out their God-given assignment unapologetically. My heart literally breaks when I talk to Believers who have so much passion in their eyes for the assignment but they are stuck. The real sad part is that their “stuckness” is usually due to what man told them not to do and their non-producing mindset and spirit. This book metaphorically uses the car—a vehicle— to offer vision tips to help individuals on their journey. We have all been commissioned to do a task, from small to great. I am of the opinion that what seems small to us, is GREAT to God. To be used by God should be treated as an honor and privilege. But often times we do not see it as such because we procrastinate, complain, doubt, and lie dormant. We stall. The Israelites did this all the time. We all have been commissioned to produce fruit. I am personally thankful for grace and mercy because Lord knows I have done it myself. God uses us to carry out His instructions. You will find biblical, spiritual and practical principles that will help you manifest God’s vision. Manifesting God's vision is to be taken seriously. God gets the glory when we do what He has assigned us to do, especially if we are transparent and share the challenges on the journey. The main reason I wrote this book is to help Believers who are struggling with “movement” to complete the assignment God has assigned and to "keep it moving" no matter what.

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