The Brutal Truth About Vision Manifestation?

A few months ago a young woman asked me a question, “Why am I not moving on my journey of vision manifestation?” She communicated to me that she was very frustrated because she felt that she was at a stand still on her journey. In our conversation she went on to describe what she had been doing to manifest the vision. She prayed. She studied the bible. She fasted. She felt she was using her spiritual gifts. She had faith. Still she was was not moving forward. She expressed that the vision was clear to her. So I asked, “What other actions are you taking to manifest the vision?” Her response, “Well, I have written the vision down and I have an idea of the steps I need to take.” I immediately knew what the problem was…she was not exercising her dual authority (power) as a Believer.  

Exercising both Your Spiritual and Natural Authority

You see this young lady was only exercising her spiritual authority and not her natural authority resulting in her being out-of-balance. She totally forgot about the truth found in James 2:17 “faith without works is dead.” Faith is the spiritual component of manifesting your vision and works is the natural or practical component. Exercising the natural authority is using your skills, abilities and talents (SATs) along with tools and resources created in this world.  When you use both your spiritual and natural authority, you are exercising your dual authority.  

The Brutal Truth

I can only assume that the mentioned young lady was quite familiar with James 2:17 that tells us that “Faith without works is dead.”  You can pray, fast, speak in tongues, and shout all you want but the brutal truth is that if you do not also use your natural authority you cannot manifest what God has given you to manifest. I can personally attest to this fact. I am also reminded of James 2:26 that tells us that just like the body is dead without the spirit faith without works is dead. I believe that God uses the natural to do the supernatural. As the Vision Manifestation Queen wearing two mantles (entrepreneur and minister), I also believe in my spirit that I would be setting you up for a vision detour if not a vision pit while on your journey to vision manifestation if I only give you spiritual nourishment without an equal amount of natural (practical) nourishment.   So in 2012 I am planning big things to help you manifest God’s vision using your spiritual and natural authority. First, I want to invite you to eat lunch with me. 

Eat Lunch with The Vision Manifestation Queen in 2012

Over the next couple of weeks and throughout 2012 all of my communication to you will provide both spiritual and natural (practical) nourishment to help you manifest God’s vision.  To begin with I would like to invite you to eat lunch with me.  While you are eating your lunch, I will be supplying you with “Vision Manna.” Manna is defined as any sudden or unexpected help, advantage or aid to succeed. I want you to succeed in manifesting the vision. Every Friday from 1:15 to 1:45 I will be offering a free tele-class on topics that will help you while you are on your road to vision manifestation. Each topic will be based on one of 4 Destination Points I believe Christians visit on their road to vision manifestation. So grab your lunch and eat it with me.

The 4 Destination Points are:


DESTINATION POINT  CONQUER your calling blockers



If you are interested in joining me each Friday, all you need to do is register below. You don’t go to lunch at 1:15? That’s fine just sign up and you will be sent audio link to listen whenever you take a break or have lunch or have the time. These calls are only 30 minutes long. 

The purpose of these calls  is to help you manifest God’s assign vision.

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