Beware of Your External Influencers

My Grandmother Laura Bell owned a burgundy 77 Chevrolet and boy did she take good care of it. She loved that car so much she named it Betsy. One thing about Grandma Laura Bell, she was very particular about who drove her car. As a matter of fact, she barely let anyone drive it. If you did drive it, it better be returned will a full tank of gas and no dents.

We are God’s vehicles. Vehicles to be used by Him the way He sees fit. As vehicles of God, oftentimes we let other people drive us instead of allowing God to do so. When we let others drive our decisions, we usually end up with a damaged vehicle and distorted journey.  These people are what I call Personal Influencers. I get it. It is very easy to allow someone else to influence us especially if we are not clear on the vision. We are human. However, we must commit to being accountable for manifesting the vision that God has assigned.  At the end of the day, we are responsible. We must strive to hear God voice primarily. We must make a decision not to let relatives, friends and associates steer us in a direction contrary to where God wants us to go. Listening to other voices instead of God’s takes a priority when it should not. We also allow outside opinions to drive us as well. This cannot happen when you are manifesting God’s vision. We have to be Spirit-led and allow God to drive us and not people. We are ultimately His vehicle to use how He sees fit.  It is easy to take the wrong road when listening to others before listening to God.  When we do it leaves us feeling as if something is missing or you missed a turned. This leads to being unclear. 

To successfully manifest the vision, God must be the driver, not man. Be free from people and don’t let them drive.

Your Growth Action Step (GAP):

Make a list of everyone you consider a major influence in your life. Decide if they are a positive influence or negative. If they are negative make a decision to ask God to help you uproot the negative seeds they planted in your mind.