Don’t Write That Book

imageWow! It’s here 2015. Many have or will set goals, cut out pretty and prolific pictures, words of different colors and sizes and place them on a poster board that will give a visual of what they desire for 2015. Many will have the words“Write a Book” on this visual representation of their future. A future that’s looking pretty darn good so far.

There is one book that I want to encourage you NOT to write, the Book of Excuses 2015.

Last year (2014) I made a lot of excuses. As a result of all of these excuses, I unintentionally became the author of Nanette’s Book of Excuses 2014. My book has many chapters with pages that are full of reasons why I didn’t take action. Why I didn’t start, follow-through, create, etc.

George Washington Carver said that 99% of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses. Ninety-nine percent is a lot of people. So what does that tell me? Making excuses is just as common as the common cold. Well I don’t know about you but I don’t like having a cold and being common doesn’t work for me. How about you?

The habit of making excuses is certainly a vision blocker that must be conquered if 2015 is going to be an IMPACTFUL year. Everything we do should be impactful. Matthew 5:16 tells us to let our light shine before men that they may see good works. That’s impact. Making excuses does not glorify God.

What are some common reasons people make excuses?


Fear is the number one vision blocker. Everyone experiences some level of fear at some point in their life. I agree with my good friend Ericka D. Jackson, The Results Accelerator, who says that fear is NOT false evidence appearing real but it is lack of surrender or submission to God. How can something we feel in our very soul and body not be real to us? Don’t you feel fear when you experience it? Then it is real.

Lack of courage

When you have courage, it is easier for you to commit. Doing anything of importance takes commitment. When you have courage you can get through anything. God never said it would be easy. People often pray for courage. However, God does not give courage. I have searched the bible and cannot find one place that says God will give us courage. I did find in quite a few places where God said, “Be of good courage,” “Take courage,” and “Keep up your courage.” Courage is a state of mind and being. Courage is a position you take.


Indecision is probably number 2 on my vision blocker list. James 1:8 tells us that a man who is double-mind is unstable in all of his ways. Indecision leads to immobility.

What is the solution?

1. Make a decision to be courageous.
2. Trust God during the manifesting process.
3. Do it scared. Yes do it scared.
4. Get clear on where you are now, where you want to go, then create a plan to get there.
5. Follow through with the plan and remember K.I.M. (Keep It Moving) no matter what.
Remember if you “Get Free and Get Clear, you’ll Get Moving”
Nanette Floyd Patterson, MA, LPC
“The Vision Manifestation Queen”