Hit a Home Run with Your Client Testimonials

How to get client testimonials

How to Get the Best Client Testimonials for Your Coaching Business

Getting testimonials from those you work with in your coaching business is essential. Testimony from someone who has experienced your coaching skills is social proof. I also refer to this type of evidence as a form of currency. No, it’s not the dollar bill, the greenback, nor the moolah but if the right information is collected and used strategically, you can turn this social proof into revenue for your business. People count on reading other’s feedback regarding services received and products purchased before they decide to buy or not. They don’t want to waste their resources (time, energy or money). It’s a trust thing. You have to understand. Seventy-nine percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations before making a buying decision. That is major!


Why do you need to know this? Social proof builds trust, and you’ve probably already heard that if people know, like and trust you, they are more willing to hire or buy from you.

Let me be clear. You don’t want to collect testimonials full of nice rants. All kind words touch your heartstrings. However, as a business owner, you want to be intentional. All testimonials are not equal.


Hit a Home Run with Your Client Testimonial by Using This Simple Formula …


I want to share a simple formula to get testimonials you can hit a home run with as you grow your coaching business. Remember B.A.T. (Before, After, Tell).


First, and after you have finished your final session, you want to verbally ask your client if they would be willing to give you a written testimonial at the close of that session.

Example: “It was a pleasure supporting you. Would you be willing to write a testimonial for me?”


You want your client to write in their testimonials answers to the following questions:

  • What were they struggling with before hiring you (BEFORE)?
  • What specific results did they experience as a result of working with you (AFTER)?
  • What would they say to anyone considering hiring you (TELL)?


A Few Other Tips…


  1. Make sure you get permission to share their testimonial on your marketing materials.
  2. Be sure you have the correct spelling of their name.
  3. Use a beautiful headshot, if available.
  4. Ask if they would return testimonial by a specific date and time. (Don’t make a big deal out of it though.)
  5. When you receive the testimonial, be sure to send them a thank you email or note.
  6. Share, share and share on your website and other marketing material.


Simple right?


Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. It’s either a “yes” or “no.” If it is a “no,” just remember K.I.M. (Keep It Moving).

There is an infographic below to help you remember the formula, a sample email, and a Client Testimonial Questionnaire you can download and give to your client to help them capture their thoughts about working with you. Just click on the picture. 


I pray it will be helpful while on your journey to do what God has already given you permission to do. Muah!