Beware of Bottomless Pit Goals

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Do you find yourself setting goal after goal and never achieving them?  Have you achieved some of the goals but still feel that something is missing or that the satisfaction of achieving the goal was lacking? Recently I launched a new product entitled, “Guarding Your Time Like a Pitbull: Practical Tips to Help You Stay Focused & Get It Done.”  As I was putting the content together, I could not help but to reminisce on the many incomplete goals I had in my life. When I did achieved a goal, I did not feel a sense of accomplishment. During this time, I had a bad habit of not finishing projects.  I admit it. I am a “Recovering Non-finisher.” Because of my recovering process, the product mentioned is dear to my heart. I know that there are others struggling with the same challenge of being a non-finisher. As I continue to advance through my recovery process, I wanted to share my experience with goals.

On my journey, I realized that there are two types of goals as you travel your road to vision manifestation, a hollow goal and an authentic goal. One of these goals will get you closer to the finish line and the other will cause you to take a detour. One is a good goal and the other is a goal that I want to encourage you to avoid. I am reminded of Philippians 3:14 (ESV) as I contemplate sharing this information. It says, “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

Hollow Goals

Hollow goals are those goals that do not line up with God’s plan or vision for your life.  When you work toward completing these goals, you feel a heavy burden and empty.  Hollow goals are deep like a bottomless pit and can be quite complex. These goals have no vision depth.  These goals do not get you closer to the finish line.   These goals cause you to deviate from the Master Plan and are quite deceptive. You think you are being productive when the truth of the matter is you are actually moving backwards instead of forward.  (Picture yourself running backwards but facing the finishing line) When you are working on a hollow goal, oftentimes you feel like a hamster in his spinning wheel. Hollow goals tend to be more influenced by people, situations, circumstances and events instead of being fully influenced by the Great Vision Giver.

Authentic Goals

Authentic goals are goals with vision depth.  They are consistent with God’s plan and vision for your life.  Authentic goals are clear and in alignment with what God’s plan and purpose.  Authentic goals feel right and they are fit just for you…your DESIGN.  These goals do not create “a heavy yoke” and you do not have to be led by bit and bridle to accomplish them.  Authentic goals are influenced by God and your love for Him. Authentic goals are inspired from within whereas hollow goals are inspired externally.

As you set goals, it is important that you determine which category your goals fall within.

Lovingly helping you to manifest,

“The Vision Manifestation Queen”

Originally written for Women of Standard Magazine