Attention aspiring Christian coaches, mentors and consultants


“I want to help you advance from MOTIVATION to MOVEMENT, step by step.”

– HIScoach Nanette 

Hi there, I’m Nanette Floyd Patterson (nope, I’m not related to the boxer). Welcome to my website!


I help Christian women visionaries who want to start a Christian people-helping-people business get free from vision blockers and clear on the vision so they can get moving step-by-step on the very thing that God has already given them permission to do.


As a Christian Coaching Business Consultant, Trainer and Licensed Professional Counselor, I have consulted, mentored, trained, inspired and counseled so many women whose heart yearned to start a service-based business. They knew God was calling them to do something bigger.







Many did not know where to start, had difficulty getting clear and focused which led to feelings of overwhelm and frustration. These women found themselves stuck, confused and scared. It reminds of a movie when a person fell into to quicksand.  They wanted to get out but they could not.  They were stuck. When this happens, it usually results in drawn back spirit, vision shut down or they put their goals on the back burner.


If this is you, I feel your passion and pain when you want something so bad but so many things get in the way. Yep, life happens. When God gives you an assignment, it’s not about the vision blockers nor the distractions. God’s main concern is that you carry out His instructions because it’s bigger than you. I believe that God has equipped and empowered me to help you bring your vision to fruition.

Now, am I the person to help you? Maybe…let’s start here.


  • Has God given you the vision to start or launch a Christian coaching, consulting, or mentoring business that helps an individual be all they can be and achieve their goals?
  • Do you find yourself CONFUSED, UNCLEAR, OVERWHELMED, ON A ROLLER COASTER, ALL OVER THE PLACE or NOT KNOWING THE PROCESS TO START or LAUNCH a sustainable and successful business so you can have the life you have always wanted?
  • Do you need guidance and step-by-step instructions from someone with a proven track record as a successful business owner to help you plan your NEXT step?
  • Have you decided that you don’t need any more motivation but “How-to” instructions so you can EXECUTE?
  • Do you need someone to help you FIND YOUR FOCUS so you can begin manifesting?
  • Are you needing a committed partner to help you stay on track?
  • Is your vision meeting too many vision blockers and you need help overcoming them?






First, determine where you are on RIGHT NOW with business or vision. What’s your current situation?

Second, determine your destination. What are your desired end results? How will you know that you have arrived?

Third, determine what your most immediate needs are this moment. Ask yourself, “What do I need right now to make this happen?”

Lastly, make a decision so you can begin to MAKE IT HAPPEN UNAPOLOGETICALLY by setting up a 30 Minute Strategy Call.




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Who will benefit from working with me…

  • Individuals who God have given the vision of starting a service or heart-based business that allows them to use their talents, abilities, skills and  (TAGS) experience, and passions to help individuals reach their full potential.
  • Individuals who are ready to yield to the call (God’s instructions).
  • Individuals who understand that God would not give them a vision without a plan to manifest provision.
  • Individuals who are ready to make a move and know that their needs are beyond being motivated.
  • Individuals who need a clear plan to execute and take action.


What Others Had to Say…


The time Nanette spent taking me under her wing. To undergo this training caused me to understand that not only has God called me, but He has also chosen me & this program caused me to embrace my uniqueness, stand in my power & go out freely to do the work of the Lord. Master HIScoach, Nanette helped me to establish my voice  HIScoach™,  Carla Cannon.  www.carlacannon.com




Master HIScoach Nanette truly has a heart for you and your vision or goals. She goes above and beyond to ensure that you understand and to help you keep moving forward. Her support goes beyond the classroom or tele-class. Nanette is one of your biggest cheerleaders (whoo hoo) as you go through the program. I am thankful to have taken the course. I believe I am a better person and definitely more equipped in this area to do what God has called me to do. HIScoach™, Shyron Brailey | www.coachinguforsuccess.com.com


Master HIScoach, Nanette Floyd Patterson is more than a coach. She provides the type of technical assistance that you don’t expect from most coaches. She has answered my questions and helped me set up my coaching practice so it will be successful for the long-haul. She is thoughtful and timely in her responses. She offers solutions and never criticizes or judges.   I’d recommend Nanette and the HIScoach Training Academy again and again.”  Michelle J. Edelen, MBA, Certified HIScoach™,



Master HIScoach Nanette is a wonderful, understanding, knowledgeable Coach) – it would be the tools & support that she provides long after the training is over and access to the community of HIScoaches that have successfully completed the program.Your client’s life (and your life) will never be the same! Thanks for everything Master HIScoach Nanette! Andrea T. Martin, Certified HIScoach™, www.AndreaTMartin.com